We will answer any questions or problems you may have regarding CP1/CP2.


■About operation

Q: I don't know how to open the lid.

A: There is an open button on the side of the main unit. Slide the button to open. The lid will stop halfway. Because CDs rotate at high speed, they can only be opened halfway for safety reasons. If you try to force it open, there is a risk of damage. please note.


Q: The power does not turn on.

A: When you press and hold the play/pause button, the display at the bottom right of the front will light up and the power will turn on.


Q: The power does not turn on even if I press and hold the play/pause button.

A: Please check if the HOLD switch on the back is set to UNHOLD or if the battery is charged.


Q: I can't play the CD. "ER" is displayed. Is it a malfunction?

A: "ER" indicates a CD reading error. Some CDs may be difficult to play due to scratches on the CD or changes over time due to storage conditions. If you try using multiple CDs and cannot play them all, there is a possibility of a malfunction. I would appreciate it if you could contact me via inquiry.


Q: What is displayed on the lower right display area on the front?

A: The display will be a two-digit display of the number of CD tracks (01-99) and volume (01-20). In addition, there are "ER" for CD reading error, "no" for no disc, and "LO" for low battery.


Q: The CD stops during playback. Maybe it's a malfunction, but the music is still playing.

A: As a function to prevent skipping, we use 40 seconds of pre-read playback. There is no problem with music playback/product.


Q: Does CP1 itself produce sound?

A: This product does not have a built-in speaker, so please use a Bluetooth device or wired earphones to enjoy it.


Q: How do I switch between the CP2 speaker and Bluetooth?

A: The speaker sound will stop automatically when the connection with the Bluetooth device is completed. When the connection with the Bluetooth device is terminated, a sound will be emitted from the speaker.


Q: What are the CD playback modes?

A: There are three types of mode selection switches on the back of the product. From the left: <Loop playback of one song/Playback of all songs/Loop playback of all songs>.

The HOLD switch at the bottom prevents the top operation keys from malfunctioning when carrying the device.

■About Bluetooth connection


Q: I don't know how to connect my Bluetooth device.

A: Press and hold the Bluetooth button (B) among the operation buttons for about 1 to 2 seconds, and the lamp next to the button will flash blue. When the connection with the Bluetooth device is completed, the light will change from blinking to solid and the connection is complete.

Q: I still can't connect my Bluetooth device.

A: Check whether the device you want to connect to is already connected to another Bluetooth device (smartphone, etc.), and if it is, disconnect all connections. If it still does not connect, please set up Bluetooth pairing. Please try deleting it. However, connection may not be possible due to issues such as the version of the Bluetooth device being connected.


Q: Can it be connected to a smartphone?

A: Connected devices are limited to audio equipment such as Bluetooth earphones and Bluetooth speakers.


Q: Can it be operated from a Bluetooth device?

A: Operation from Bluetooth devices depends on the specifications of the connected device, so it is not covered by this product.


Q: What is the range of the wireless function?

A: The distance is approximately 10m when there is no obstruction.


■About charging

Q: Is a charger included?

A: A charger is not included. Please prepare a separate USB-Type C compatible charger.


Q: Please tell me how to charge it.

A: Connect a USB-Type C compatible charger. Charging is complete when the lamp lights red and turns off. Charging time is about 4-5 hours with a 5V=2A adapter, and continuous playback is possible for up to 7-8 hours.


Q: Is there any problem with playing while charging?

A: Just like with smartphones, using the lithium-ion battery while charging it may cause deterioration of the battery and shorten its lifespan. We recommend using it after charging is complete.


■About audio output

Q: Can I listen to it with something other than a Bluetooth device?

A: It is equipped with a 3.5mm earphone jack, so you can use it as a wired earphone or output terminal.


Q: Can I transfer data from a CD to a PC or smartphone using USB?

A: USB is for charging only and cannot be used to output CD data.


Q: Does it come with an optical terminal?

A: There is no optical terminal. Please use 3.5mm earphone jack for analog output.


■About sound quality

Q: What is the supported bit rate for MP3?

A: 128Kbp/s - 320kbp/s.


■About Bluetooth

Q: What is the Bluetooth compression method?

A: It will be SBC (Sub Band Codec).


■About inserting lyrics card

Q: The tray that holds the lyric cards is difficult to remove, what should I do?

A: If the tray is fixed to the lid, with the lid open, insert your index finger into the round hole in the center of the tray and slide it to the left (if the operation button is on top). When the tray moves to the edge of the lid, it will come off.

When inserting a lyrics card and tray, first place the lyrics card on top of the window, insert it from the left edge of the lid (if the operation button is on the top), and slide it to the center right.

If you try to remove it by forcefully pulling it, there is a risk of damage. Be sure to slide it out.


Q: The lyrics card is over 1.8mm thick. Is it okay to insert it?

A: Please do not put anything over 1.8mm thick. Please do not do this as it may cause a malfunction.


Q: Is it okay to use hard materials?

A: Materials such as plastic can be inserted as long as they are within 120mmx120mmx1.8mm. Please do not use heavy objects such as metal objects as this may cause a malfunction.


■About wall hanging

Q: How can I hang it on the wall?

A: Please use wall-mounted accessories sold separately. You can also purchase from this site. Can be used in common with CP1/CP2.


Q: Please tell me how to install it on the wall.

A: Please do as shown in the figure below. (Common to CP1/CP2)


Q: It wobbles when I hang it on the wall. What should I do?

A: Adjust the screws on the wall to minimize the gap between the wall and the wall. If you press the product too hard, it may come off. Please remove the CD/lyrics card from the wall when replacing or charging it.


■About using it in a car

Q: Is it safe to use it in the car?

A: I think it is possible to use it by connecting it to the in-car audio system via Bluetooth. However, due to the high temperature and humidity of recent summers, it may break down if left behind in the car. Please note that product operation is guaranteed at 0°-40°. Additionally, please note that we are not responsible for any damage to the interior of the vehicle or injury to people caused by the product itself in an accident.


■About dirt on the main unit

Q: The transparent window on the main unit has had small scratches since I purchased it.

A: The front transparent window initially comes with a protective film, but you can remove the entire protective film .


Q: How should I clean and clean the main unit?

A: Please wipe gently with a cloth or tissue, or apply alcohol and wipe gently.