Instant Disk Audio-CP2

General sale begins in early December 2023

Instant Disk Audio-CP2

Model “CP2” equipped with CD player speaker

With a speaker, you can enjoy CDs more easily, inheriting the concept of CP1, displaying the CD jacket, and being equipped with Bluetooth/battery.




While following the simple and minimal design of CP1, it is equipped with a new speaker. The thickness is approximately the same as CP1. We aimed for a book-like appearance. This time too, you can store the lyrics card inside the CD player and enjoy it as if it were a photo or art display.


  • thin speaker

In installing the speaker this time, we achieved a thickness of 27mm while maintaining the design and sound quality of CP1. Equipped with a monaural full-range speaker and woofer unit, it reproduces a well-balanced sound from bass to treble even though it is thin.

  • Bluetooth5.1

Also upgraded from CP1 to Bluetooth 5.1. Improved device discovery makes connections more efficient and reduces connection time. It also reduces interference in areas where many Bluetooth devices are connected.

*Note: It is not possible to connect a smartphone or other device to this product and output sound.

  • Continuous playback time

Lithium-ion battery provides 7-8 hours of continuous playback when using Bluetooth. 6-7 hours of continuous playback is possible when using speakers.

Also great for picnics and drives.

  • Display section

The display is a 2-digit LED displayed through the hole in the speaker. The number of songs/volume/error information will be displayed.


  • Installation ease

Built-in battery allows you to move freely without being tied to a power cord. You can enjoy it while moving around the room, and like CP1, you can also hang it on the wall. At just 27mm thick, it blends into the wall, and when used while charging, it creates a clean interior without any annoying wiring.

*Wall-mounted accessories sold separately are common to CP1/CP2 and can be used for both.


Simple operation using the same icon buttons as CP1.

On the back

・Play mode key <1 song loop play/all song play/all song loop play>

・HOLD key


・Disc format CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3

・Disc size 12CM or 8CM

・ASP (shock resistant) 2M SDRAM

・Speaker unit 40mm Fullrange speakerx1+Bass diaphragmx1

・Maximum output 3W

・Bluetooth BT5.1( Chip AC6956C )

・Audio out 3.5mm stereo earphone jack

・Screen LED Nixie Tube(Dimension:21x14mm)

・Power supply USB 5V

・Lithium ion battery 1800mA.h

・Playback time: 7-8 hours when using Bluetooth / 6-7 hours when using speakers

・USB Type-C

・Equipped with charging indicator

・Fixing screw receiver x2 (back)

・Size 225mmx140mmx27mm

・Weight 454g


・Manufacturer's warranty 1 year

Sales price 22,000 yen (tax included) 20,000 yen (tax excluded)